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you are here because you're ready to heal and understand what It means to be in right relationship with yourself, your ancestry, the earth and all your relations.

I am highly sensitive, pretty darn psychic, endlessly curious, a dreamer and I have a way with words for walking you through your inner landscapes to access more ease, calm, beauty, healing and power. 

With these gifts I've discovered I'm here to help weave a new story of healing into this generational landscape.   

I believe that good medicine is what works and over the last couple of decades I have learned how to apply INDIGENOUS WORLD VIEWS and technology THROUGH MY CULTURE AND THE YOGA CULTURE to bring good medicine to those seeking healing, and amplification of their natural and inherent gifts. 

they call me a storyteller.

Tānsi, I'm Malina

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It was one of the most profound experiences I've ever had. It shifted the trajectory of my life.

She set up my session in a way that was customized to me. It was intuitive, it was deeply spiritual, it was very indigenous in a way that was heart felt. Malina is Cree and as a Gitxsan woman, it was really important for me to have that indigenous connection that was from the heart and real and genuine and not performative. 

- angela sterritt


It wasn’t until I met Malina, and experienced her teachings, that I was able to fully sink in and truly understand the practice. 

- Michelle K


Malina ensures a safe space, free of judgment. She makes each class about following the needs of your own mind and body in the practice.  She melds the teachings of Indigenous peoples with the practice of yoga through song and chanting and she provides storytelling that allows students to get deep into meditation.

I feel more connected to my body and spirit than I have in years, and more connected to this land that we practice on. 

She showed me how to listen, how to be present and how to access my own inner power and the life force connecting us all. she inspired me to deepen my connection to the earth, to my own roots and to my ancestors.

- catea


Malina didn't just share teachings and wisdom from yogic and indigenous traditions she also showed me how to live those teachings.

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